Pastors Conference Amersfoort May 13th

We warmly invite you for a special conference in Amersfoort. The conference is open for migrant churches as well as Dutch
churches and will give you tools how to be church in the Netherlands, bringing hope to the society and work with the resources God has given you.


SOFAK is convinced that the Umoja program is very important for the migrant and international churches in the Netherlands. Therefore they organize a basic training in these principles, together with Tear.

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This conference will be an unique chance to worship and pray together with all kinds of cultures and to learn about Umoja. Umoja is a process that brings hope, self-esteem and transformation to churches and communities, based on over twenty years of experience of working throughout Africa and Asia. The word ‘Umoja’ means togetherness in the Swahili language. Thousands of churches and many more people around the world have been blessed by Umoja. It helped them to discover their own resources. And through Umoja whole communities were able to break out the circle of poverty. They don’t look any longer to what they do not have, but they look at what they have and what they can.




Who are the speakers?Bill en Jackie

The Umoja training will be given by Bill Crooks and Jackie Mouradian. They run a creative agency in the UK. Bill and Jackie have been part of the Umoja development since the start and they have been given Umoja training all over the world since the last 15 years.

Also pastor Felix Asare and pastor Ola Asubiaro will be speaking about their Umoja experience and the journey that their churches are on. Pastor Felix is the senior pastor of Victory Outreach in The Hague and Pastor Ola is the senior pastor of Glorious Chapel International in Rotterdam.



Date & time: May 13th, 9.30 – 16.00.

Address: Salvation Army, Albert Schweitzersingel 69, Amersfoort

Cost: 10 euro (lunch included)

Travel expenses: Reimbursement could be asked for up to maximum 25 euro per person

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Would it not be fantastic if Dutch and international churches will stand together in our society, to discover the opportunities and addressing the needs around us. Make sure you be there on the 13th May, and maybe this day will be a turning point in your life and for your church.